MB215 - Angry young girl pipe collared

June 23, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

Now here’s a sight to behold: Victoria Sweet in a tight heavy metal collar and chastity belt! It is quite hard to work with her, because she is very agressive. We tried to come up with a pipe construction that would keep restrain Victoria in a way that is uncomfortable enough to make calm down a little. We bent her over a horizontal pipe and then locked a pipe from the base right up to her collar. With her wrists cuffed out of the way, the only thing she could do is bend over awkwardly… if her chastity belt wasn’t in the way. The collar pipe is heavy, and it is not fixed, so Victoria has to do her best to keep her head up or be pulled forward by her neck! This worked out well… but she still gave us the finger :)

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  1. kardon10 says:

    I would have made her stand on tip toe or in high heels and locked her in an ankle spreader so she would have had to lean forward ….so we could appreciate those lovely shaped breasts and ass

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