MB213 - Welcoming Sarah Jain to MetalBondage.com

June 9, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

Lovely US swimsuit model Sarah Jain (reluctantly) agreed to model the super heavy metal stocks for us, but the whole shoot turned into quite a scene! We locked a naked Sarah into a custom steel waist belt and attached two heavy chains to it. Connected to her ankle cuffs, this made sure that she could not even stand up, because the chains were just a little too short for that. Frustrating! Sarah Jain is a fierce fighter, and she did not really like being locked in a metal device she could barely lift! It looked like she was trying to break the stocks! We took a lot of pictures to delay her release, and when it was time for the video, Sarah just lost it. We may have forgotten to tell her she had to do a video clip as well… and she had a really bad itch on her back…

5 Responses to Welcoming Sarah Jain to MetalBondage.com

  1. Colin says:

    This is still the best piece of bondage equipment on this and any other site

    • alex says:

      You are right – this one is nice – and it is girl size – many similar stocks are far too big for grls

  2. Pat says:

    That last preview frame looks like the perfect position for her to ask someone with a free hand to finger her. If only the stock wasn’t such a pain in the neck

  3. Forestier says:

    Nice and very effective restraints. I wonder how long she could have stood it.

  4. you don't need to know says:

    you should do the same thing with shorter chains

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