MB217 - Nicole framed

July 7, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

Nicole explained to us there is no way she can be locked in a tight chastity belt, because she is claustrofobic and does not like tight things on her body. She didn’t say anything about her collar though, which is also tight and weighed very heavily on her neck. So we belted her anyway (again), it was all just one big excuse from this clever girl, hoping she would not have to wear a chastity belt this time. Of course, she could not stop tugging and pulling on it, so we had to completely immobilize her to stop her from doing that. Now she is lying on her back, locked spread eagled to a heavy frame, and the collar is making it hard to breathe. Well, serves her for trying to be smart!

3 Responses to Nicole framed

  1. Mark says:

    Nicole, the next time you’re belted should be at chastity babes, but locked this time in the best chastity belt. The Latowski belt would be a comfortable fit for you honey. Try it.

  2. kardon10 says:

    I think you did this the wrong way round as shes so angry…….should have locked her spreadeagled to the frame first and then watched her protest as shes belted tightly…and unable to resist

  3. Forestier says:

    She could have simply slept, couldn’t she? What was she afraid of? Nothing could happen to her as she was wearing a CB!

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