MB223 - Bend over, Cory!

August 18, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

Interesting! We had this idea to attach tiny girl Cory to a metal frame by her neck and waist, and then bending her over a piece of horizontal pipe. Her ankles and wrists chained wide in spread eagle style, she should resemble something that goes on the front of a ship! And she did! It all worked amazingly well, Cory’s huge boobs dangling happily between the steel frame! Cory couldn’t move an inch, even though this position looks fairly easy (just bending over), you have to keep reminding yourself that her neck and waist are connected to this huge contraption! It was too heavy for Cory to get her upper body upright again, so she was just stuck there, in a perfect position! Next time we may bend a girl over even more, so she will have to stand on her toes!

2 Responses to Bend over, Cory!

  1. Tom says:

    Put her in a chastity belt next time!

  2. Ndidi says:

    This is a simple and quiet video, but really beautiful and inspiring to my imagination.

    I rarely download the picture sets, but I will for this one.

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