MB247 - Sarah Jain nipple clamped in the Iron Crown

February 2, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

Sarah Jain is SO agressive! She keeps screaming and cursing and threatening, we are getting nowhere with her training… Let’s just add some evil nipple clamps just to piss her off even more! Of course, she would rip those off in seconds, so we lock her into the Iron Crown to prevent her from saving her pinched nipples! Just like we thought, this infuriates Sarah Jain to the point she is literally going mad, struggling like crazy to get the nipple clamps off, but to no avail. She keeps complaining about the chastity belt too, so we guess we will just have to leave her like this for a while, maybe she will cool down… probably not…

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Chastity Belt, Iron Crown, Nipple Clamps

5 Responses to Sarah Jain nipple clamped in the Iron Crown

  1. Tom says:

    Now Sahra ungrateful! Nice that the belt fits tight, but you should stop a dildo inside and check if she becomes less angry.

  2. bondage lover says:

    You could keep her like this for hour or two, just because she is so mad. Good thing about iron crown is that it leaves boobs unprotectet and nice looking too.

  3. Pierrepoint says:

    Nice simple set-up to show a girl she is no longer in control.

    You should have kept her like this until she had to run to the bathroom to relieve herself!

  4. SP says:

    Wow, Sarah has seriously good acting skills. Any plans to have her back in the future?

  5. Duke says:

    Well, there’s a nice and simple way to stop her cursing.
    If she comes back (what I hope) she definitely needs to be gagged.

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