MB250 - Two girls, one frame

February 23, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

250 updates! To celebrate, let’s try to fit two of our most popular models in the metal bondage frame! We are going to need a LOT of metal to connect Jenni C and Melissa to this frame… and to each other. Exactly the way we like to see two hot naked girls! Before connecting them to the frame, Jenni and Melissa are locked into 6 point heavy restraints: wrists, ankles, neck, and waist. The huge collars look so awesome on these stunning girls, wearing nothing but heels and stockings! After chaining them both to the frame, we let them struggle for a while, taking pictures and video… we can relax, they are not going anywhere, so let’s enjoy and celebrate 250 updates, almost 5 years of girls in heavy metal bondage!
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3 Responses to Two girls, one frame

  1. Sardoz [iOS] says:

    You all looks so great. Please more from that :-)

  2. tronic says:

    A very very great video- and picture-set!!! Hot hot hot!

    But the one and only thing i’m sometimes missing: some scenes, how the girls are put INTO her bondage! (… some clicking locks, fixing some restraints and fit on some belts … that could be cool!).
    That’s “my special wish” for the future ;)

    In other respect: go ahead this way! It’s the greatest stuff i ever seen!
    Wunderfull! Thanks!

  3. Forestier says:

    Always pleasing to see naked girls!

    Why did they say it was “painful“?

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