MB262 - Melissa in heavy metal and chains

May 17, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

We don’t do loose metal on this website. We make sure we have all cuffs, collars, and waist bands in a wide variety of sizes, so we can always shoot with tight metal! Even when we have a tiny girl like Melissa Mendini, we have gear that will fit her perfectly. This girl is so small, the combined weight of the metal and chains is over a quarter of her own body weight! Try that yourself! It really is a lot of metal for such a petite girl! Melissa is quite used to being locked in metal now, she has done a lot of shoots for us. It is still such a thrill to see this elegant beauty in steel!

6 Responses to Melissa in heavy metal and chains

  1. alex says:

    what about a shoot were a nice girl show us all the inventory of MB – of cause showing something going on herself….

  2. jd says:

    No chastity belt? For shame! ;)

  3. Tom says:

    Bad! Leave her without chastity belt.

  4. BondageLover says:

    Two of the most beautiful models shackled together. What a recipe for success. Great job on a lovely shoot!

  5. BondageLover says:

    Melissa is as beautiful as ever in these tight, heavy shackles. You know what we like – tight and secure.

    I hope Melissa is still viewing the comments. I want her to know that we think she is awesomely beautiful in metal restraints. She poses so well, and looks so inviting! Does she have her own chastity belt?

  6. Forestier says:

    Another fantastic clip with another fantastic and beautiful naked girl. No CB needed, IMO!

    Very nice idea. Were the chains so heavy she even couldn’t stand? At least, they were too long for a real restraint. And her waist band should have been chained… to a stone wall!

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