MB279 - The One Bar Prison

September 14, 2014 ---- picture set and video clip

For years, we have been hearing rumours about a way to restrain a girl using only 1 steel bar!! So we finally decided to build this device, to see if it is true that a girl can not escape this diabolical contraption. We needed a large metal dildo on an adjustable pole, and a girl in high heels. Natalia Forrest happened to be hanging around our studio, so we grabbed her to test this new device. She didn’t believe that it would hold her in place, and neither did we. But amazingly, Natalia was unable to escape from the One Bar Prison! She couldn’t get off it. Wearing high heels meant that she was already on her toes, and the dildo was in too deep. Her hands were cuffed behind her back to prevent her from reaching the pole’s adjuster. We left a camera running and sneaked into the other room. Her reaction was priceless! It is true! One bar can hold a girl!

30 Responses to The One Bar Prison

  1. SP says:

    Wow! Just….. Wow!

  2. Tom says:

    Something I already tested! ;)
    Wonderful to see her struggle to get away from the pole.

  3. max says:

    This is wonderful

  4. Traumaemt says:

    This is incredible!! I am thinking, though, that even if her hands were free, that she would not be able to bend forward, with the dildo inside her the way it was, to reach the adjustment knob to lower it down! I think that the know was too low for her to reach it, even with her hands free, because the dildo is long enough that it would have made it too uncomfortable, if not impossible to bend at the hips or at the small of the back to reach it!! Very nice!!

  5. SP says:

    At the end of the video her hands are freed and she does release herself from the pole, albeit with some difficulty. If the webmaster had used a hex or Allen though, it would not have mattered if her hands were free or not.

    • Pat says:

      Oh she was angry! Instead of razing the (dildo) cough! “bar” too high. you could also connect the bar to the base of a chastity belt with or without a plug. the belt will add support and you won’t have to keep her on her toes. A keyed bar is also another option to locking her hands. or you can connect them to the waist band.

    • Pat says:

      Another anchoring point for her hands would be the o-ring of her collar. I’m surprised not to have seen that yet.

  6. Bernard says:

    Superb. Would like to see other models try the one bar prison.

  7. PlugLover says:

    This is the best video I’ve ever seen!

    Special thanks to Natalia and to all models like her, who make themselves available for an extravaganza like in this update. We, the members, adore you for that!

    I love to see the struggling and dismounting. Wish the mounting would be shown too!

  8. carl says:

    I want to build such a prison for my girlfriend. Where do I get the adjustable bar?

  9. Pat says:

    I’ve seen metal dildos like this one used in e-play. All you need is the right tens unit and a sticky pad to go over the clit. To tease and please, not just to torment.

  10. egon says:

    This is a best update. I would like to see two girls in The One Bar Prison in the same time. Maybe Little Caprice and Nelly.

  11. David says:

    Forget the chastity belts, make all models try this out.

  12. Red says:

    I’ve seen a much more diabolical version of this. There was an an insolator between the dildo and the body with a steel disk further down the shaft. An electric fence device was hooked across them so if her thighs touched the disk she got zapped. I’ve seen a very old drawing where there was just a spiked collar on the shaft as well.

  13. Forestier says:

    Fantastic contraption, and nothing to hide her nakedness!

  14. A. Gide says:

    Just thinking out loud, but wouldn’t it work better if instead of the manual height adjustment, there was a ratcheting device with a light spring. So whenever she squirmed it would ratchet upward and not return. Dangerous maybe? But not more so?

  15. Bob Scully says:

    Please let me know how to order a “one bar prison” or where I could buy it
    thank you

    • Recklass says:

      Actually, you can build one. I used a Christmas Tree stand. Bolted it securely to a 3/4 inch thick piece of plywood. Then I got some PVC piping. Two sizes. one large and one a bit smaller that fit into the larger one. I made sure the PVC that I got (smaller) was going to be the right size for a stiff dildo. Then I drilled a bunch of holes in the big PVC to insert pins (permitting for variable heights). I secured that to the Christmas tree stand of which I also I added a few metal Shelving brackets to the bottom for stability and support. Then I drilled and put in a pin into the smaller PVC so that the dildo didn’t slip down in. From there, the fun started. The holes in the bigger PVC let me use bolts as pins and it was just a case of adjusting the smaller PVC upwards until It was in place then put in the bolts (pins) at the lower part of the Larger PVC. A super cheap yet VERY effective One Pole Prison. :D

  16. FerranArtist says:

    More one-bar-prison videos! Maybe more than one model, each trying to figure out how to get loose?

  17. random says:

    can you make more vids with this device? pliz

  18. harry says:

    isnt this extremely dangerous? like slip -> death by penetration

  19. blackmw says:

    Hi, I have now signed up for this preview! Please more videos with the one bar prision! Desired model Yasmine

  20. Herman49 says:

    Wow, is this device also for men? I like it, no I love it.

  21. Bruce Bunton says:

    where can you buy a one bar prison devise?

  22. Bruce Bunton says:

    Where can you get a one bar prison devise

  23. sissy moan says:

    Oh, and if i may add: One bar can’t just hold a girl but also a sissy if her Superior wants…!

    i tried … and it was really the heaven of helplessness and exposure!

    PS. High heels needed as well

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