MB301 - Julia’s RigidSpreader challenge

February 15, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

Who can resist 18-year old little Julia! Locked collar, chastity belt, cute gap between her teeth… so young and so curious! Remember her awesome introduction to Metal Bondage? Curiosity brought her back to try a new challenge, one that restricts her even more!
We locked her in the RigidSpreader, padlocks on the insides, away from her little prying fingers. Still, Julia was incredibly determined to escape. She even said ‘don’t help me, don’t help me!’, when she seemed unable to open the padlocks. Even before we gave her the keys she was testing the spreader’s rigidness, falling onto her back and onto her side to test all of the positions that she could assume. That would have left her wide open, but fortunately she was wearing a tight chastity belt, so she was safe.
After an epic struggle, Julia actually managed to escape from this predicament! How awesome is that! And when we finally took off the chastity belt, it was dripping wet! Now here’s a girl who loves metal bondage!

One Response to Julia’s RigidSpreader challenge

  1. Tom says:

    So cute and lovely to see Julia fight and enjoy it.
    I hope she returns many times.

    Always good for girls to be able to trust chastity belt, when they have their body in metal bondage.

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