MB357 - Natalia Forrest – heavy steel box tie

March 13, 2016 ---- picture set and video clip

It is always a pleasure to lock up the very vocal Natalia Forrest! She does not really like being stuck in our devices, which makes her videos great to watch. She will try to escape any way she can and if she does not succeed, she will simply complain a lot until we let her out. The problem is, Natalia is so gorgeous in steel, we don’t WANT to let her out. So she is always stuck in heavy metal for a long time, longer than she anticipated. The heavy steel box tie is inescapable, there are 2 separate tight wrist cuffs, covered by a heavy metal plate. That’s 3 padlocks she can not reach. Good luck with that!

3 Responses to Natalia Forrest – heavy steel box tie

  1. Michael says:

    Natalia, I would be hesitant to release you from the restraints. Truth hurts.

    • WendyNeko says:

      It is seriously safe!!? I can’t imagine myself in this position more than 30 s! Looks too painful.
      Actually, I can do it if only the wrists ate cuffed, but with elbows locked too, horrible to imagine.

  2. Forestier says:

    I love every restraints that free the body front!

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