MB364 - Crystl – ballet dancer locked in full split

May 1, 2016 ---- picture set and video clip

Meet Crystl! She is just pure awesomeness. A beautiful ballet dancer willing to try out some hard metal bondage! Locked in a chastity belt for her first shoot, Crystl is just waiting what will happen to her. Perfect posture, trained shoulders, tiny waist and neck. Her body is just perfection, and wait until you see what she can do with it! She can do a full split, the straightest you have ever seen, and the chastity belt does not even bother her! Crystl can literally sit like this for hours. Which gave us the idea of locking her into this position. Leaving her arms free, there is nothing she can do to escape, the two pipes keep her legs in a perfect split and she is stuck in the most incredible pose ever! Don’t miss this one!

4 Responses to Crystl – ballet dancer locked in full split

  1. Michel says:

    Meet your new yoga instructor, Crystl! Thank you webmaster for locking up Crystl on the first shoot! The first shoot should require a belt for each new model. A new metal bondage and (hopefully chastity babe) has arrived.

  2. Chris says:

    Hello, is there any way to get this set as non-member via Paypal, like on your other sites? Thank you very much! Regards, Chris

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