MB405 - Noa – impaled

February 12, 2017 ---- picture set and video clip

Noa is back! We just knew this teen cutie would be too curious to stay away for long! And this time, we are taking it a big step further by giving her the One Bar Prison challenge! Slender Noa has a nice thigh gap, so she is perfect for our One Bar Prison with the missile head dildo. On her cute high heels, there is absolutely no escape for her, not even a chance. She can’t lift herself up to get enough height to escape, even though her hands and feet are not bound, this is still a bondage device. A 19-year old girl impaled on a heavy metal dildo! Noa certainly is gathering new experiences fast!

5 Responses to Noa – impaled

  1. Alex says:

    extremly sexy but i always get worried when i think stuff look dangerous. One slip in her heels and i would be afraid the thing could impale her for real.
    But a very well thought out device – so simple and so helpless!!

  2. Random commenter says:

    Have been debating joining for a while – love the one bar prison, but the site uses a lot of chastity belts which only interest me if there are plugs involved – and even then only putting them on or taking them off – because otherwise the belt is hiding the best parts. (Perhaps one day someone will make a chastity belt out of aluminum oxynitride – but until then….)

    But Noa is such a beautiful girl, and two sets with her now and NOT all covered up … that decided it.

  3. Nextsteps says:

    Old fashioned stiff ski boots (or a metal equivalent) instead of heels to prevent flexing the foot at the ankle would be a nice experiment

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