MB484 - Jezebelle – metal maiden

August 18, 2018 ---- picture set and video clip

Wow, we managed to get Jezebelle on MetalBondage.com! This girl is spectacular! The hair, the boobs, she looks like a warrior! We had to lock her into our custom Metal Corset of course! With the heavy wrist cuffs attached to her corset, Jezebelle looked so amazing we needed a way to keep her around for a while just to look at her. So we built a steel frame to put her on display. With a steel pipe between her legs, Jezebelle had to stand on her toes and she was completely stretched out. A very hard position, but it’s basically her own fault for being so spectacular. She was on the frame for quite a while, Jezebelle is a tough girl!

3 Responses to Jezebelle – metal maiden

  1. text says:

    This is why I love metal bondage! Thank you! Just one small suggestion: would it be possible to swap the metal pipe between her legs for the “metal horse” element you once mounted on the one bar prison? Or isn’t she that tough? No just kidding. I can only imagine how hard this one has been. Thank you so much Jezzbelle! It made me hard

    • Titi says:

      couldn’t agree more. this one’s for the models :-* one love and everlasting respect. Thanks for making this happen

  2. Tom says:

    A nice update, perfect for the Metal Bondage site. Jezzbelle did well when she stood there and could not do anything else.

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