MB482 - Rachel Adams – steel hogtie

August 5, 2018 ---- picture set and video clip

Bondage loving Rachel Adams came over all the way from the USA to be locked in metal bondage! She is a tough one, and she asked to be locked and chained in a completely inescapable way, so she couldn’t move at all. The perfect opportunity to build our hogtie frame again! With tight heavy cuffs on her ankles, wrists, and elbows, pulling her arms together, we started to chain all these restraints to the hogtie frame with heavy chains. A heavy collar on her neck made it even harder for her. To keep her head up, we also chained her harness ballgag to the frame. Rachel couldn’t move an inch! Well, she got what she asked for and she loved it!

One Response to Rachel Adams – steel hogtie

  1. chuckles says:

    Rachel looks fantastic arched back and restrained to the hogtie frame. She has been one of my favorite models ever since I first saw her in bondage. She is cute, flexible, EXTREMELY tough, and always eager to please. I hope she makes more appearances here and at your other websites.

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