MB496 - Gamer girl tries our Heavy Stocks!

November 11, 2018 ---- picture set and video clip

Cute 20-year old gamer girl Lucy Elena is curious about everything! She already did a Casting for ChastityBabes.com, and she wants to try more stuff! She did not want to show any nudity however, but no worries: a chastity belt and chastity bra cover everything and they are locked tight. She is such a pretty colorful doll, with her big eyes and her shy but very kinky nature. Today, she will be locked in the super heavy stocks, so we can see how Lucy Elena deals with something that has a lot of weight. Of course, we drop the keys on the floor and tell her to escape. It’s impossible, but she doesn’t know that. We just want to see her move around in the stocks! A cute girl in heavy metal, that’s what we love to watch!

2 Responses to Gamer girl tries our Heavy Stocks!

  1. Tonimakaroni says:

    You should keep the keys for the bra and belt. This way, she’ll never have to worry about having to be naked

  2. LatexLover648 says:

    Lucy looks absolutely perfect in a chastity belt and bra, so glad she has a bra on after her appearance on Chastity Babes. Lucy also looks great in the stocks too. Hope she becomes a regular on both here and Chastity Babes.

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