MB497 - Bad Dolly – Head Ball

November 18, 2018 ---- picture set and video clip

We have had this metal Head Ball in the studio for a while but we never used it. Bad Dolly said she wanted to try it, she was probably the first girl who wasn’t scared by the idea of having a locked metal ball on her head. It is a very claustrophobic experience, and you become really aware of yourself, your breathing, the darkness… Bad Dolly was also locked in the Steel Hobble Dress with her wrists cuffed to the sides, and this dress makes it impossible to sit down or even kneel. So in the end, she was reduced to almost a statue, standing around with her boobs sticking out, completely defenseless and unsure about what would happen next. Bad Dolly is such a brave girl!

3 Responses to Bad Dolly – Head Ball

  1. Miro says:

    This is beautiful. A big thank you to Bad Dolly :-) for making this possible

  2. Fedor says:

    Bad Dolly is one of my favourite models. Very adventurous, sexy and super good looking.

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