MB499 - Lucy Lauren tries the RigidSpreader challenge

December 2, 2018 ---- picture set and video clip

UK girl Lucy Lauren noticed our RigidSpreader escape challenge and she thought she could do it! Well, no problem, let’s see her try! Lucy is locked in a super heavy steel collar, so when she rolls over, it will only get harder for her with the weight on her neck. She is a true kinky girl with lots of bondage experience, but she was never locked in rigid steel devices. Watch her roll around completely nude and vulnerable, until she gets her hands on the key and tries to escape the RigidSpreader! Lots of fun!

3 Responses to Lucy Lauren tries the RigidSpreader challenge

  1. David says:

    Finally an escapee, loved this. Get her on the one bar prison, let’s see her escape that.

  2. phil says:

    She didn’t look like an escape pro, in addition to being efficient she is happy, difficult challenges in sight with more and more equipment on her to make the challenge harder

  3. Tam_lin_ says:

    Lucy Lauren should be renamed as “UK Clever girl” (from UK Cute girl). The only one I’ve seen getting off the Rigid Spreader so far. Maybe also because she is an athlete and can keep centered while enduring the position.

    Btw, I love to see these challenges. Girls get to be so vulnerable and exposed when they turn down side :))

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