MB551 - Little Lanta – gymnast in RigidStock TL

December 1, 2019 ---- picture set and video clip

The famous Atlanta Moreno (Little Lanta) returns! She is a gymnast champion and that’s just so much fun for us! She is the perfect toy for our metal bondage experiments: bendy, flexible, and super submissive. We can literally do anything with Little Lanta! We had this idea of locking two ankle cuffs to the sides of the RigidStock TL, so Atlanta would be stuck in her well-known V-position. Neck, wrists, and ankles all in one line! No other model has ever been able to do this! Little Lanta was completely helpless and very vulnerable. We even stacked her against the wall in this position: easy storage for gymnasts slave girls!

One Response to Little Lanta – gymnast in RigidStock TL

  1. Patrick says:

    Amazing! More like this would be very welcome. Add some mouth opening gag to get her even more exposed. Maybe get even more camera angles into the video, I was missing a flat angle filmed straight up her butt, basically level with the ground as she was laying there, looking upwards her belly and towards the face, while keeping all of her in the frame. Video of the upright position would’ve been hot too.

    Lanta looks like the perfect bondage model. Appreciate the 100% nudity too, no shoes etc. is perfection.

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