MB569 - Ariel Anderssen in a RigidCuff predicament

April 5, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

RigidCuffs are fun! We have a lot of them, and today we are going to combine the RigidFiddle and the RigidSpreader to make Ariel Anderssen’s life very hard. We start by locking her into the fiddle with her arms under her knees. This is a very restrictive position, there is no way she can get her legs out of that. But to make sure, we are adding the RigidSpreader to keep her legs apart. She struggles hard to reach the key, but once she falls over, she is very much stuck in this position, like a turtle. The queen of bondage is so helpless! Enjoy!

One Response to Ariel Anderssen in a RigidCuff predicament

  1. Mac says:

    Ariel is gorgeous. The bondage position is awesome, ristrictive and stressful. But where is the predicament? Do I have to buy the video to find out?

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