MB578 - Katie Thornton on the One Bar Prison!

June 7, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

We finally did it! We got the spectacular Katie Thornton impaled on the One Bar Prison! She was there for a long time, because she looked so amazing and we have always imagined her as the perfect mannequin. Perched in high heels, there is no way Katie can step off the One Bar Prison as she can’t raise herself up high enough. High heels are essential for a One Bar Prison! Locked in a tight heavy collar and locked boob bands, Katie wasn’t very happy about her predicament. Especially because this shoot took extra long. Well, after so much convincing, we were not going to let her go anytime soon! Enjoy!

6 Responses to Katie Thornton on the One Bar Prison!

  1. David says:

    What a Fantastic update, boob bands and the one bar prison, 2 of my favourite devices on a really sexy model. Thanks.

  2. scott halford says:

    i love it next we need to get her on the sybian she would be fantastic

  3. Redfrigate says:

    Excellent update. Once again though, I do have to ask; is there any chance we’ll ever get one of these where the model is gagged? I’d love to hear them mad about being on the prison with a big old ballgag in.

  4. anja says:

    Katie would look stunning with a couple of elastic rubberbands over her lovely, massive tits and also a tight castration rubberband on her nips. She can stand on the onebar-prison as her tits and nips get swollen from these restraints to get her nips and tits changing color to a deep shade of blue. Then she could get a beautiful turtleneck mohair-sweather on to get her even more stimulated as the mohair gets the work done. A couple of hours would get her juices flowing down her thighs.

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