MB590 - Ariel on the One Bar Prison!

August 30, 2020 ---- picture set and video clip

We did not put Ariel on the One Bar Prison yet?! Wow, that needs to change fast, she is perfect for it! This stunning girl needs to find out that it is really impossible to escape from a One Bar Prison (when wearing heels of course). Locked in a heavy collar, the curious Ariel approached the impaler. It had been fitted with the large 3-ball dildo. She was curious enough to insert it and get stuck, but when she realized it was impossible to escape, she did not think it was very exciting anymore. We had her up there for almost an hour before we gave her the tool to free herself. She was not amused!!

5 Responses to Ariel on the One Bar Prison!

  1. Ivy says:

    Yey the series is back again! Also she is quite flexible is she the first one who can do it herself? :D

  2. anja says:

    Ariel is a stunning girl with the right proporsjons on her smashing body. It would be nice to hear her moaning on the sybian with dildoes inside both her lower orifices and some hevy weights attached to her nipples!!!!

  3. Lostarion says:

    Great Shot! Ariel is so gorgeous! She seems to be innocent and quite naive… She only plays with the master! If you do not pay attention, she quickly escapes. I like her naughty character. I think she needs to be disciplined a bit. A butt plug might help again like it does on ChastityBabes. Either here at MetalBodage or on HuCows, where the butt plugging is a bit more standardized…

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