MB610 - Lucy Lauren – spring loaded One Bar Prison!

January 17, 2021 ---- picture set and video clip

Our newest invention is the spring loaded One Bar Prison! Members have asked if it is possible to put a spring mechanism inside the One Bar Prison, so the dildo will be pushed up all the time. We found a very high tension industrial spring that fits! Lucy Lauren was brave enough to try it, but it was pretty scary! The problem, of course, is that it’s no longer a real Prison, because she can push down the dildo pole with her hands and step off. She we fiddled Lucy, now she couldn’t escape anymore. It was very frustrating, she could go down but she could not step off it. We even made her take off her high heels, which was a HUGE challenge! You have to see the video to see how well this worked! Amazing!
Also: don’t try this at home :)

7 Responses to Lucy Lauren – spring loaded One Bar Prison!

  1. chastity prisoner says:

    WOW, one of the better updates. A very good addition to my favoured torture divice.
    Lucy is as brave as beautiful; it must have been f..king hard for her :D.

  2. Toymaker says:

    Dear Pilgrims That is an excellent improvement on the one bar prison. The way to make it totally inescapable would be to have a ratchet latch on the dildo portion so that if it extended it would not retract. If she tries to get on her toes to escape it would extend and make her stay on her toes. Her hands would have to be restrained so that she could not hold the extendable part down as she tried to get off.
    I love your site. Great photography, beautiful models and secure steel restraints.

  3. David says:

    I agree, this is a fantastic update. Enhancing one of my favourite devices. You might need to weaken the spring a little to get more models to use it. I would love to see a girl do bare flat footed on this and forced to do heel lifts to get then calves working similar to the wooden pony.

  4. Ivy says:

    Congratulation to Lucy as the first one bar prisoner in 2021 :)
    Hope we will see more girl getting on one bar prison.

  5. Wierd says:

    Alternatives..metal fist mitts (and maybe head ball)
    Ballet stocks
    Heavy yoke
    Rear arm bindings

    So many possibilities for predicament bondage too, especially if the spring was replaced with pneumatic/hydraulic piston or motorised screw thread..stay on your toes and you will eventually be released, but if the heels come down the pole moves back up.

  6. Mallo2011 says:

    Brilliant idea the spring powered One Bar Prison.
    Hope to see it in use with other models soon.
    Might I suggest to use the spring also with the Metal Horse version of the prison?
    We could set a challenge: how long can you ride the One Bar Prison or the Metal Horse after removing your shoes?

  7. phil says:

    A model that does not take itself seriously, it feels good from time to time, I hope we will see her for a long time here, I can’t wait to see her challenge the iron crown and the ballet stock :)

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