MB656 - Olivia – One Bar Prison in Prison

December 5, 2021 ---- picture set and video clip

Cute 18 year old Olivia has never seen a One Bar Prison before. I ask her to step inside the cell to take a closer look. She is intrigued but very shy. Olivia doesn’t seem to have any idea what this device is or how it works. I asked her to wear high heels, that’s all she knows. Moments later she finds out why it is called a One Bar Prison. There is no escape from this device if you’re wearing high heels. Impaled and helpless, Olivia will have to spend some time in the prison cell. I don’t even have to lock the door, she won’t be able to move anyway!

3 Responses to Olivia – One Bar Prison in Prison

  1. Tom says:

    And now Olivia also know the One Bar Prison is escape proof!
    They never learn, before they try one.
    But she is cute and stands there and feels that only her pussy keeps her there.

  2. DespairStories says:

    Watching as updates swing by as I primarily like these one-bar prison updates and the deepthroat spring machines.

    Is there any chance we’ll ever get one of these with a locked ballgag? I’d very much jump at the chance to see updates like that.

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