MB675 - Lili – rigid fold

April 17, 2022 ---- picture set and video clip

New girl Lili is very flexible! I decided she was a good victim for the folded challenged I once did with Ariel Anderssen. This is very hard! Lili gets cuffed in a RigidFiddle model ‘8’ with her arms underneath her knees. Not everyone can do that position! Her legs get locked in a RigidSpreader, and she is completely stuck, folded over in RigidCuffs. This predicament is a punishment in itself: after a while this gets really hard on your body. The only way out for Lili is to attempt to free herself with the key. Amazing attempt!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: RigidFiddle '8', RigidSpreader Jo-2

One Response to Lili – rigid fold

  1. Espinosa says:

    Very tall potential girl.
    I would like to see more diverse content with her. The model is promising and I hope you will use it in the future.

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