MB683 - Kerry on the Nipple Puller

June 12, 2022 ---- picture set and video clip

Kerry is back!! The cute bondage girl from Scotland will take on the Nipple Clamps Training Machine today and it is a bit scary for her, because she has very sensitive nipples! She will be locked onto the frame by her neck, wrists, and ankles, so she can’t move at all. She even gets clamps on her labia! She prefers a gag when doing bondage, so a 2 inch red ball is added as well. Now the machine can start to do its evil work. It goes faster and faster, pulling on Kerry’s nipples as she moans and wriggles. It is a relentless training device, there’s no escape! Kerry loved this shoot, she already wrote me she wants to come back soon!

2 Responses to Kerry on the Nipple Puller

  1. knottyboy says:

    Great clip!
    Why don’t you use this bondage device (not the machine), in your farm?
    It would be a great position for milking!

  2. Switch Jake says:

    Hopefully I’m not alone in wishing there were two pullers on this shoot.

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