MB701 - Ivi Rein – Sybian ride

October 16, 2022 ---- picture set and video clip

Please welcome Ivi Rein to MetalBondage.com!! She is a cute and curious young girl, willing to try everything at least once! Locked in a metal waist belt, collar, and wrist cuffs, she explores the Sybian with lots of curiosity. The dildo attachment is on there, which means the Sybian can not only vibrate, but also rotate the dildo inside of her. Ivi plays with the controls, and she chuckles. Before she knows it, she is locked to the metal pipes, with her waist firmly chained in place and her arms spread wide. This is going to be a fun ride!!

One Response to Ivi Rein – Sybian ride

  1. ndidi says:

    Ivi Rein is perfection 💕 I like the way her wrists are secured here with her arms spread wide above her head

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