MB737 - Impaling Anc1lla

June 25, 2023 ---- picture set and video clip

The mysterious big boobs of Anc1lla are all over the internet! Definitely one of the best bodies ever, check her out if you haven’t seen her content yet! I was very surprised when she messaged me about my One Bar Prison, she was really eager to try it! Anc1lla was very prepared. She brought her tallest heels to ensure there would be no escape from the One Bar Prison. Within a few moments of seeing the device, she was already impaled. What a sight! Anc1lla loved the feeling of being stuck, only kept in place by her pussy. I wanted to keep her forever, put her in my living room like this, as decoration. Anc1lla’s body is art. Just simply stunning!!

2 Responses to Impaling Anc1lla

  1. Ninaji says:

    Oh my god, she’s gorgeous. Will she be features on your other websites as well? I’d love to see her in a singleglove, perhaps even while being on the one bar prison? :-)

  2. Steven says:

    Is it possible to have the model wear a chastity belt, and have them impaled on the one bar prison by having it installed in their anus?

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