MB738 - Rachel Adams – posture trainer and 2kg weight

July 2, 2023 ---- picture set and video clip

Rachel Adams always suffers so beautifully! She is a tough one, living the life of a true bondage model. Rachel gets tied up and gagged every day, and she never stops! Such dedication and toughness is rare. I decided to test her with the heavy posture trainer, locking her wrists behind her. A large ballgag is a must for Rachel Adams of course! Then I clamped her nipples to a 2 kilogram weight (even more than that, because I used a metal cuff as well), and she was left there. Suffering, moaning, drooling. It’s Rachel Adams! She is incredible!

One Response to Rachel Adams – posture trainer and 2kg weight

  1. David Sellmon says:

    The posture trainer is so hot, if the handcuffs aren’t installed, can you wear it discretly under your clothes, or even outside? That would be really awesome!

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