MB785 - Annika – art student tries the Iron Crown

May 26, 2024 ---- picture set and video clip

Cute art student Annika’s first time ever in metal! I locked her in a chastity belt, which was already a huge step for her, and she was feeling a bit shy about the nudity. So I thought I would take her mind off by giving her a challenge: escaping the Iron Crown! Well, it turns out Annika is not too bad at escaping (for her first time), she didn’t really manage it without help, but she was very determined. If you like cute innocent girls with braces and pig tails locked in metal, don’t miss this picture set and video!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Chastity Belt, Iron Crown

2 Responses to Annika – art student tries the Iron Crown

  1. Gunnar says:

    Good work!

  2. C says:

    How perfect is Annika! Really hope we get to see more updates with her.. maybe even a visit to the HU site for Annika too?!

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