MB786 - Jasmine James returns!

June 2, 2024 ---- picture set and video clip

After almost 8 years, Jasmine James is back in the studio! I always wanted to shoot more steel bondage with her, she is so gorgeous and funny! This girl can handle a LOT of steel on her body, so I locked her in a chastity belt and a steel mask to begin with. Then I added the heavy box tie device, making her completely helpless. She couldn’t even stop me clamping her nipples. Jasmine can be very naughty, so she was trying to convince me to let her out. I told her she should do that herself, tossing all of the keys on the floor. Jasmine tried her best, but the heavy steel made it hard to move. I loved teasing her, grabbing her boobs and pulling the clamps, because of Jasmine’s cute reactions and her total helplessness in this metal gear! Don’t miss the awesome return of this bubbly redhead, it’s so much fun to watch!

One Response to Jasmine James returns!

  1. wrufeuille says:

    magnifique ! Ou trouver le masque devant la bouche en métal ?

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