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MB039 - Natalie immobilized

Added February 7, 2010 ---- 46 pictures + 5:21 minutes of video

This position may seem very simple: Natalie in a RigidFiddle, chained to the ceiling. Her ankles chained to a metal waist band. After a while this gets very uncomfortable, so we waited about 20 minutes before starting to record the video. You will see Natalie can not stand up and she can not lie down. It’s a very evil position, inspired by an email from one of our members! Let’s hope we will get many more suggestions, we like it!

MB008 - Natalie in heavy shackle set

Added July 5, 2009 ---- 64 pictures + 5:26 minutes of video

Natalie is seriously weighed down by a very heavy shackle set, consisting of wrist and ankle shackles, a heavy collar and an iron waistband. Everything is linked together, and Natalie can’t help making a lot of rattling noises as she tries to free herself.