MB019 - Introducing pet slave Romy

September 20, 2009 ---- picture set and video clip

Sweet pet slave Romy is metal bound for the first time in her life. It takes a while for her to get used to the weight of the chains. She will spend a few hours in these incredible metal restraints, so she will have to get comfortable with them. Let’s see if she stops tugging and testing them after an hour, because at the moment she still seems to think she can get out of them..

2 Responses to Introducing pet slave Romy

  1. Mincus says:

    A beautiful girl! Too bad her acting’s so stiff.

  2. m. mincus says:

    Please, make more videos of slave girs tethered to the wall with a chain! Those are my favourites. But can’t you use a real eyebolt, not just the radiator pipe? Your set would profit both from a security as well as an aesthetic standpoint.

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