MB318 - Katie Thornton – Locked boobs

June 14, 2015 ---- picture set and video clip

We have Katie Thornton in metal!! Chastity belt, heavy wrist cuffs, and collar! But the best part is: we locked Katie’s MASSIVE boobs in our custom metal Boob Bands! An awesome spectacular sight in this picture set you can not afford to miss! Katie was a lot less thrilled to have her huge breasts tightly clasped and padlocked, but we told her she would have to nipple clamp herself if she ever wanted to be let out! There is a little hint of a submissive girl in Katie, look at the way she folds her arms behind her back… maybe she loves these kinds of challenges after all?

One Response to Katie Thornton – Locked boobs

  1. SP says:

    When she puts her hands behind her back she gets this look that just makes me want to smile. :)

    PS: I adore people with a sense of humor. I say that because in photo 16 you can see the fake mustache she drew on her index finger. :D

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