MB060 - Jenny having fun in our RigidSpreader

July 4, 2010 ---- picture set and video clip

Jenny is still not serious about being a MetalBondage pet slave, she loves fooling around, no matter what we do to her. Oh well, as long as she is not escaping, we don’t care. When we showed Jenny our RigidSpreader she immediately grabbed it and wanted to try it out. Don’t you just love her enthusiasm? We took the opportunity to try out a new RigidSpreader position: Jenny’s arms go under her knees and then into the spreader. This makes her bend over even more :-) For the video, we filmed Jenny lying on her back, unable to get upright, playing with the RigidSpreader. She really seemed to be enjoying this one!

One Response to Jenny having fun in our RigidSpreader

  1. Forestier says:

    Nice rolling over!

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