MB086 - Tiffany and Vera fiddled and gagged

January 2, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

Tiffany and Vera are always very close, in fact these girlfriends are so close we can not even find separate pictures of them for our models page. So we tried a little experiment: what if we fiddle and gag both girls… will they help each other, will they stay close, comforting each other? How will they communicate through these tight ballgags? Since their first gagging (MB072), the girls are now adamant about having their own gag color, Tiffany only wants a pink gag, while Vera loves the classic red ball. Their fiddles are different models too, it’s interesting to see which RigidFiddle model allows more movement, if any at all. We could watch these girls fiddling around for hours!

One Response to Tiffany and Vera fiddled and gagged

  1. Forestier says:

    Nice girls, nice fiddles, nice action, but… why did they try to get out of the fiddles first? Removing the gags would have seemed to me a more easily attainable option…

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