MB097 - Tiffany and Vera – 12 point hug

March 20, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

While other sites are always about ‘5 point restraints’, we believe a complete restraint set covers six basic areas: wrists, ankles, neck AND waist. So to demonstrate this, we put cute girlfriends Tiffany and Vera in 6 metal bondage items each! These custom made heavy stainless steel restaints look really good on these hot girls! The tight fitting belts both have loops in the back, so the idea of a ’12 point hug’ position was born. See Tiffany and Vera completely helpless in heavy metal, all they can do is hug each other. It’s a shame these girls are such close friends, it would have been even more interesting if they hated each other…

3 Responses to Tiffany and Vera – 12 point hug

  1. falkor athrey says:

    more beauty by wearing metal collar

  2. Forestier says:

    Awesome! More of these! (Although they were linked together by only four points, not 12 — unlinked cuffs don’t count in my regard). It would be even better if they had tried to stand up completely, even walk.

    Have you ever thought of a “mirror” cuffing? Two girls, one’s left ankle linked to the other one’s right one, same thing for the wrists, and collars linked together by a short chain. The five cuffs of one being linked to the five cuffs of the other one. Front to front or back to back. I believe it would be interesting.

  3. Anush Patel says:

    Awsome!,Get Jenni C and Kayla Louise to do a 12 point hug!

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