MB138 - Adrienne nipple clamped in our stocks

January 1, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

We received a member request: ‘Can a model reach her clamped nipples while restrained in the custom SteelBound stocks?’. We can only answer that by trying it! And again, it is the fearless Adrienne who was first in line to take on this challenge. This woman is tough! Still firmly belted, Adrienne is locked into the very heavy stocks. The nipple clamps are applied at the tip of her nipples, where they hurt the most. It hurts a lot, judging from Adrienne’s expressions. Now try to get them off :-) Lowering one hand means the other hand goes up, putting a lot of strain on the shoulders. Can she do it?

2 Responses to Adrienne nipple clamped in our stocks

  1. Mazy says:

    Beautiful girl. I’d be great to see more of her, but the chastity belt is not enough, a spreader bar would be a must between her nice legs!

  2. Bob says:

    This is the best set ever on this site. The situation is delicious. Adrienne is an excellent model. The model needs to have periods of inspecting her gear and testing the limits of her predicament, of frustration, perhaps trying to escape with or without key (a plaintive look to the camera can be very good), and resignation as to the impossibility of escape, and perhaps an acceptance of the outfit and finding comfort in helplessness. Adrienne accomplishes many of these in her own way, though the clamps are probably a big help in this. I was a little disappointed she got out of the clamps.. however the relief/relaxation (still helpless though) after she had removed them created one of the sexiest moments on your site.

    She was also very hot in the set with the hobble dress, which was quite unique and lovely gear. Her wrists fit cuffs well (not too skinny/loose). Her nails are lovely also, which is a must.

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