MB137 - Satin Bloom in our new chastity belt

December 25, 2011 ---- picture set and video clip

We are very glad to have found Satin Bloom. She could be the world’s most perfect pet. Not only does she have a killer body and gaggable face, she is also very submissive, flexible, and not afraid to try heavy metal bondage. Our latest design is a serious chastity belt. Seriously heavy that is. Wide metal waistband (dropped for a perfect fit), heavy steel crotch protector, and a thick metal ass chain. Three padlock clicks and you are in big trouble. The only thing left was to find a model that would be a perfect fit for this new belt. Well… we found her!

2 Responses to Satin Bloom in our new chastity belt

  1. alex says:

    wonderfull gear and gorgeus model posing all she has learned – good – but girl – do smile….

  2. Forestier says:

    Nice restraints. Unpractical, but nice. And a beautiful wearer.

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