MB153 - Yvette’s maid training

April 15, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

Coffee anyone? :-) Most of you seem to agree that the beautiful Yvette needs some more training. And you are right, she is too cheerful and shows lack of respect. We lock her in to a special tall collar with two front attachment points and chain a metal serving tray to her belly. The heavy locking collar will hold up this tray, and as long as Yvette stays perfectly straight, she will hopefully not drop the coffee cups. We lock her hands behind her back and shut her up with a chrome strap ballgag. Now Yvette will fulfill a number of task, like crouching down, standing up, walking and serving coffee. Let’s hope she does not lose her concentration!

3 Responses to Yvette’s maid training

  1. Carl says:

    Amazing update! I love them all, but I dare to say this is the best one yet!
    Love the servitutde act in it, when Yvette brings the ‘tea’ cups to her mistress.
    It really brings some more life to the clip :)

  2. Pat says:

    Not a lot you can do in this with your arms bound but Yvette looks awesome as she always does especially in her super hot thong. If she was into games like this, She’d a real eye catcher at fetish parties.

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