MB164 - Angry young thing

July 1, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

We witnessed it last time: Victoria Sweet is not sweet at all! She gets very angry when she is locked in tight metal restraints. Members loved that! So here she is again, now in a full restraint set, wrists locked to her waist, collared, and her ankles spread. This girl has a perfect body, she is young, energetic, and eager to get out of her bondage. So we give her some means to escape, just to see her reaction!! And next time: no escape and chastity belt. She will not like that at all!

2 Responses to Angry young thing

  1. alex says:

    not a comment directly at this set but in common.
    Here and at beltbound you got the most fantastic collection of nice toys – and good video and photo skills.
    But it is hard not to repeat yourself a lot.

    What i would whish for was a site using the toys more erotic – more action – could be between 2 girls or boy and girl. Show what warm erotic relations and some sex could be involving those toys. Dont want a lot of “bitch whore cow etc” stuff but people loving this gear – both the girl in it and her partner.

    I think it could be a wonderfull site that for sure would get my support – though it would probably require some other models

  2. Forestier says:

    Nice girl, but I prefer them in shackled than out of them.

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