MB174 - Jenni C versus the metal tape gag collar

September 9, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

We had this unique custom posture collar designed so it could be fitted with two different types of gags: a steel muzzle and a ‘tape’ gag. Browsing back, we noticed we only used this tape attachment once! That is a waste of custom gear, so we had to use it again, even though all models seem to be afraid of this device. We don’t know why, maybe because it looks scary, but it is actually quite model-friendly! The models can still speak (somewhat) and there is nothing inside their mouth. The hard part is that it is attached to the posture collar, so it does not move at all, as Jenni C finds out… she can not even turn her head. Oh… and eating is impossible, that could be a problem for long time wear ;)

One Response to Jenni C versus the metal tape gag collar

  1. Forestier says:

    My rule: if a girl doesn’t complaint, everything is okay with her.

    Was there something IN her mouth?

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