MB033 - Christina weighed down

December 27, 2009 ---- picture set and video clip

Let’s see… a chastity belt, metal posture collar, 15 pairs of handcuffs, 1 pair of elbow cuffs, 1 pair of thumbcuffs, and 6 pairs of ankle cuffs. That ought to slow Christina down a bit. She has troubles even lifting her arms. With all of this metal locked on to her, Christina is now starting to understand what we mean by ‘metal bondage’. We finish decorating her with our latest diabolical item: the unique metal ‘tape’ gag!

3 Responses to Christina weighed down

  1. alex says:

    girl – DONT go swimming

  2. Matt says:

    Really hot heavy bondage you should do more of this like mabe 20 handcuffs 10 ankle cuffs a muzzle and mabe one of those new chastity diapers

  3. Sal & Helen says:

    Please!!!! Add a big chunk of metal to the inside of the tape gag. Let us see the look on their faces as they see it and it goes in. Not a little flat piece, but a big shiny hunk of steel.

    Great device, and a great model.

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