MB180 - Claudia and Nelly – no kissing

October 21, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

We love to use this neck spreader on two close friends! Why? Well, as we have seen before, chastity belts aren’t enough to stop intimate things from happening, girls still have mouths (and tongues!) they can use. Gagging them is a good option, but this solution is way more evil! A rigid neck spreader with two heavy locking collars brings kissing sooooo close yet so far away. Moreover, they have to cooperate on every move. If one wants to sit down, the other has to sit down too. Claudia and Nelly have very slender necks, they can even turn in their collars, but that only makes things more complicated when you are cuffed together ;-)

4 Responses to Claudia and Nelly – no kissing

  1. alex says:

    very nice set – love the idear.
    Even sexier if the bar was a little shorter so they just could touch with their tongues.

  2. Max says:

    Great Idea, next time take a bar that’s a little shorter, so that they can really almost kiss

  3. Tom says:

    You forget to dress them in chastity bras …

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