MB181 - Tiffany versus the Steel Mitts

October 28, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

Aah, it is Tiffany, the wonderful blonde we have been submitting to bondage for a few years now! She is getting used to our harsh gear, and not afraid to try anything new. So we created a little challenge for her: we lock her fists in our new Steel Mitts, and attach them to a spreader bar that is hooked to her tight metal waist band. We used snap hooks on purpose, this makes Tiffany’s challenge more frustrating (as she can not use her fingers) and it is rewarding her for extreme struggling, because… she might unsnap a hook. We love new gear… and Tiffany in cold metal!

2 Responses to Tiffany versus the Steel Mitts

  1. Forestier says:

    Steel mitts! Bravo! No more “finger”…

  2. Artorevs says:

    Excellent! But is neccesary a more difficult challenge, like try to unlock legcuffs giving her a key inside this device. I know that this is imposible, but…

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