MB185 - Nicole helpless in spreader bars

November 25, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

Nicole is back for some more metal fun! This time we will not make it so easy on her, because she was enjoying herself way too much in that fiddle! Of course, our chastity addict is locked into a super tight chastity belt again. Heavy ankle and wrist cuffs are weighing her limbs down and the incredible ‘Giraffe collar’ is a real torture in itself to wear. We use pivoting spreader bars to attach her arms to her collar, and to spread her ankles apart. Nicole is totally helpless, with very limited movement. As a finishing touch we gag her using a chrome ballgag with a little annoying bell! Let’s see if Nicole still enjoys metal after 90 minutes in this!

2 Responses to Nicole helpless in spreader bars

  1. Tom says:

    a super tight chastity belt looks good

  2. Forestier says:

    The bell should be louder!

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