MB189 - Tyra does not want to be here

December 23, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

Poor Tyra was having a hard day, she was locked in a tight chastity belt and restrained in the RigidStock on her first shoot! A few hours later, she was exhausted! But we had something else in mind for this beautiful model, we wanted to make her kneel in a very extreme metal bondage way! Locking custom elbow and wrist cuffs to her slender arms, and then padlocking those to a long crossbar left Tyra no chance to stand up. She was on her knees for a good amount of time, arms spread very wide like an angel. She tried to make herself more comfortable, but it was a long wait for her, and she was getting more and more frustrated…

2 Responses to Tyra does not want to be here

  1. Tom says:

    She deserved it!
    Thinking of the finger she showed us, last time …

  2. Enthusiast says:

    Here’s a new idea for a kneeling predicament scenario. Needs a new metal item

    Cuff model’s ankles to a square board (on which the model is kneeling) a bit apart, maybe upper thighs as well.
    Put a tall/heavy collar on the model’s neck.
    Link a metal rod from the collar to a ring eye between the model’s legs.

    Make the metal rod short enough that the model is kneeling half way up. The rod won’t allow the model to straighten up, but if she tries to relax back then the collar pressed upwards on her neck or pushes her back. And the thighs will soon ache.

    Cuff the hands to an eye the metal rod, or to a metal belt on the waist, or crossed behind the back, so the hands can’t support the weight. Or use a yoke over the neck collar or a yoke with a tall neck collar.

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