MB190 - Hurray for Pling!

December 30, 2012 ---- picture set and video clip

You know, we still haven’t figured out what to call this heavy bondage device. After its first appearance, we received a lot of suggestions, but ‘Ballet Stocks’ really still sounds the best. Some members thought it looks a little like the model is cheering, but as the long-braided Pling finds out, it is not really a hurray experience to be locked in this device! We designed this for inescapable long term wear, it took many tries to get it just right, but it is still incredibly heavy and awkward! We love that! And yes, believe it or not, Pling loves these kinds of things too ;-)

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Ballet Stocks, Chastity Belt

9 Responses to Hurray for Pling!

  1. braceman says:

    I think that something that will help the women, and be a little more of a bongage addition to it, would be to weld a curved plate to the bottom of the collar, so that the weight is spread to the shoulders, not just on the neck and spine! You could then place some straps or something on the plate, to further secure the arms near the shoulder!! It would be much more restrictive, and help the women by taking some of the weight off of their necks. See how red she is around the neck? Making something like the shoulder plate would allow her to wear it for a long, long, long time!! :)

    • webmaster says:

      Thanks for the suggestion, but we made the collar small enough that is isn’t resting on any bones, it was a long tweaking process. We will however design something with a full shoulder plate, it will be awesome! And the redness on her neck? It is not from this shoot ;-)

    • Forestier says:

      I’m not sure anyone could keep their arms up such a long time. Blood flow is certainly difficult.

      • braceman says:

        If they are laying down, it is not that much of a problem. Even standing, their arms might go numb, but blood blow will still be there, maybe just diminished.

  2. Eponymous says:

    There’s something really special about this girl. I think you should keep her. In a cage, or something.

  3. Tom says:

    Once again we see cute Pling in chastity… :-D

  4. Galdiator says:

    We are very proud of Pling in Sweden. She is a model of international standard, very natural in her performance, and also beautiful. A creative personality who is worthy of all admiration and respect. The ballet stocks fit her very well.

  5. Gladiator says:

    We expect Pling to come back. This can’t happen too soon…

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