MB229 - Nipple clamps or the belts stay on!

September 29, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

Chastity belts are so great for training! It isn’t really bondage, but since we hold the keys, we can still make the girls do anything we want. Tracy and Nicole were in the belts for a few hours already (we did this first), and they REALLY didn’t want to go to the toilet in their belts. So we told them they would stay locked in the chastity belts until they tried nipple clamps to our satisfaction. Now remember, these girls had never seen nipple clamps before, let alone tried them, and these Japanese clover clamps have the nastiest pinch of them all! It was just a matter of how badly they wanted out of their belts… Even though they both have very sensitive nipples, they were real troopers! Anything to get out of chastity! Tracy and Nicole did great, and once they were over the initial pain, they really got into it. They were even tugging each other’s clamp chains for fun! Ouch!

Member downloads: picture set and video clip
Gear: Chastity Belt, Nipple Clamps, Padded Small Collar

3 Responses to Nipple clamps or the belts stay on!

  1. Tim says:

    I really like how tight Nicole’s belt fits. Would it be possible to make it even tighter, maybe just for a short time or so?

  2. Ingemar says:

    It had been even more interesting if they had had the chains inside each others and through that had their nipples chained together.

  3. DB says:

    Something seriously wrong here. Two slave girls giving us the finger. I hope you have a suitable punishment lined up to teach them some manners. ;)

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