MB227 - The metal upper body harness

September 15, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

We only tried our custom upper body harness once, so it was about time to test it a little more, with our favorite reluctant test subject Natalia Forrest! The metal brace padlocks onto one of our heavy metal collars, and strangely enough the back of the device is completely open! Unlike last time, we crossed the model’s arms behind her back, making it one of the most insanely tight metal bondage devices we have! It is like a reverse metal straitjacket, only a lot less forgiving. Natalia could not move her arms at all, her upper body was completely immobilised. We felt so confident we even tossed her the keys! Natalia, as usual, could not really appreciate this kind of humor and she kept protesting and complaining all through the shoot. Don’t you just love her? :)

2 Responses to The metal upper body harness

  1. Peter says:

    Where has the chastitybelt gone? That would have been perfect. Total helpless.

    • Pat says:

      What’s helplessness without some form of vulnerability? Like having her wear one before the other can come off. And give the keys to your boyfriend. get her good and horny, and rock her world!

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