MB191 - The heavy upper body harness

January 6, 2013 ---- picture set and video clip

Inspired by some member requests, we built another crazy contraption that is more restrictive than it looks! This heavy steel upper body harness is held in place only by the (equally heavy) tight locking collar. A huge padlock makes sure the harness will not come off. Amazingly, this harness is completely open on the back side, but because of the collar construction there is no way to get it off. Two convenenient attachment points on the harness can be used to cuff a girl’s wrists to her sides, or even better, arms crossed, like a straitjacket! Tiffany is the lucky girl to try this one out, and she is definitely not happy about the weight of this thing!!

8 Responses to The heavy upper body harness

  1. m says:

    Tiffany, you look hot in the bondage you’re in. But I don’t think you’re quite hot enough. How about locking high heel shoes, too?

  2. braceman says:

    How about making it completely encircling her body, then locking onto the chastity belt via the d-rings? Even more restriction!! make it a 2 piece that attaches at the waist band and the shoulder pads with pad locks. you would probably have to use chains to go from the belt to the waist bar. That way, it is adjustable for different model’s heights! That is just my opinion, though. I guess I have a warped mind….Seeing hot women in chastity belts and very strict Metal Bondage!!

  3. robor says:

    Oh, its a good idea from braceman.
    Connect the uppe steel part with the chastity belt. All together must be one part, that restraints her whole body inclusive her head like a milwaukee-brace.

  4. braceman says:

    Yep robor, exactly!!

  5. Jay says:

    some nipple clamps as well that would spice up things abit more

  6. beng drey says:

    you look beauty in bondage your in

  7. Pat says:

    It would be simpler to use the Side D-rings of the chastity belt. But this device would work as a boobless straight jacket with her arms around front or back or either.

  8. KittenBondagewench says:

    I would love to wear that brace! have you thought about hex screws for everything for cleaner lines?

    I would wear that regularly!

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